Carl Crumley Photography | Upstate New York Winter

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Afternoon Winter Light~Pittsford NY~120910Albion Cemetery~Albion NY~012713Antique Roller~Rush NY~021212Apple Orchard In Winter~NY~011010Apple Trees~Williamson NY~012411Aunt Sarah's Falls~Watkins Glen NY~021711Back Yard Snow ~ Brighton NY ~ 031617 ~2Back Yard Snow ~ Brighton NY ~ 031617Backyard Snow~Pittsford NY~121510Backyard Snow~Pittsford NY~122809Backyard ~ Penfield NY ~ 012116Barn And Silo~Farmington NY~011311Barn And Silo~NY~012011Barn In Snow~Farmington NY~011311Barn Shadows & Snow~Pittsford NY~120910Barns & Silo~Henrietta NY~032313Barn~Penfield NY~022312Bear Creek Outlet at Lake Ontario ~ Ontario NY ~ 020217Birch Tree~Williamson NY~032711Bird Feeder Frost ~ Brighton NY ~ 032017