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Airplane & Geese at Sunset~Pittsford NY~031413Allens Creek In Corbett's Glen Park~Brighton NY~021511American Flag ~ Seabreeze NY ~ 021615Amish Country~Kidron OH~071011~6Anchor on Building ~ Sodus Point NY ~ 022816Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest CA~100212~1~11x14Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest CA~100212~2~12x36Apple Orchard & Windmill~Williamson NY~042611Arcade and Attica Railroad Tracks ~ Java Center NY ~ 051014Arcade and Attica Railroad Tracks ~ Java Center NY ~ 051014~2Armstrong Redwoods SNR CA~100412~1~11x14Ashocan Reservoir~Olivebridge NY~070411Atlantic Plywood Corp~Rochester NY~021512~04Atlantic Plywood Corp~Rochester NY~021512~07Atlantic Plywood Corp~Rochester NY~021512~08Atlantic Plywood Corp~Rochester NY~021512~12cropAtlantic Plywood Corp~Rochester NY~021512~13cropAutumn Lane In Summer~Mendon Ponds Park NY~080511Backyard and Clouds ~ 7 Minute Exposure ~ Brighton NY ~ 090216Backyard Clouds ~ Brighton NY ~ Harris Shutter Effect ~ 102516